Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Lately I have been taking personal inventory, its been a hard look in the mirror.  Here are a few changes I would like to make in order to progress as a person.

1.  I am a great starter but a mediocre finisher, my goal is to become great at both starting a finishing. By great finisher I mean completing tasks promptly.
2.  I need to kick my diet coke habit.  I've tried but to no avail.  I know val is sick of hearing me talk about it.
3. I need to get back in shape, many years of injuries are adding up and extra weight only makes then worse.
currently i am 220 and would like to be around 170.  Its in the works.
4.  I need to be more patient with my 3 year old, he is awesome and sometimes I am to short with him or expect to much of him because he can talk like an 8 year old so I expect him to act like one.
5.  I need to start and maintain a personal Journal, making it a habit.   

this is it for now, let the games begin. 


Doctor Dave, Papaw 9x said...

Am backing YOU up ! ! !

Anonymous said...

came across this blog while looking for a picture of kanye west's crazy haircut. hope your list is coming along. you should update more often!