Friday, December 19, 2008


How do you spell commitment? B-E-A-R-D!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I Hate

Here is a list of things I hate.
1. Family stickers on cars, no matter what you use, sandals, turtles etc... they are all lame! Your stickers make me want to put a birth control sticker on my back window.
2. I hate Pickers, don't dig through the Chex Mix or Trail mix just to get the M&M's or bagel chips, new idea, you touch it you eat it.
3. Personalized license plates, worst idea ever! It is science there is not a cool statement that can be made with the absence of vowels, also license plate holders are not cool especially to the nerd in the civic with the "I wish I was rich instead of just good looking." Wack!
4. Athletic Fit shirts, why does everything need to taper?
5. People that don't use turn signals, and people that ride their brakes on the freeway. Here's an idea take your foot off the gas!
6. Paul Pierce and other pro athletes that fake or play up non injuries.
7. When its cold outside but still sunny!
8. Smart cars, or at least the ones in the USA, do some research on them people, they are not that smart!

More to come later.....