Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunny Days Are Here Again.....

Provo is experiencing a bit of a transition period right now as it does each year when things start to warm up, and by warm up I mean the temperature rises above 40 degrees. What is this annual transition period you may ask yourself? Well ladies and gentlemen I am here to explain this phenomenon to you. Around late February cool guys start coming out of hibernation, now by hibernation I mean they emerge from their favorite hair and tanning salons, they dust off their totally sick-dope-tight-gnarly-badass crotch rockets and cruise around town showing off their new frosted tips all while hitting on 18 year olds. Come on guys, I am to let you know there are some things that will never be cool, and I know you have been waiting all winter to finally wear you new Ed Hardy flip-flops with your matching hat and your super awesome white stitched jeans with your totally awesome thumb ring, but resit the urge. If you ever get dressed and look at your self and there is any resemblance to Criss Angel or you think he would find you cool, or use the expression "look how Hollywood I am", you should be concerned because chances are you're becoming a douchebag. So cool guys out there that are waking up from your winter slumber just remember this bit of advice, If you, yourself think you are trying to hard, then you are probably past the point of no return. Sorry!

Cool Guys All Hail Your King!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sure Buddy In N Out....

Several people have told me an In N Out is being built in Draper UT, I don't care how many people tell me, or what websites it on even if its the official In N Out website. I will believe it when I am sitting in the store eating a #1 animal w/ fries well, till then I don't want to hear about the bastardization of a california original.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Val's Belly

So when i put my hand on Val's stomach, its crazy, what is going on in there? Well after some research and thought I figured it out. This is what the little dude is doing! Enjoy.