Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capitol Gorge

Saturday I drove down to Capitol Reef, here are some pictures from
Capitol Gorge within the park!

exiting capitol gorge

natural water tanks

cool tree

an example of all of the rock layers

This will help you understand how large capitol reef is notice how small the minivan is,
it could easily fit in one of the holes on the left side of the rock wall!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nerd Love...

Lets talk about nerd love, nerd love wow, its amazing. When two nerds find one another its like mixing vinegar and baking soda and BAM it goes off! A nerd finding love is like dropping off a Somalian off at Home Town Buffet. Nerds cant take their hands off each other and its quite amusing/gross to watch. Here are some of the signs, one is the dinner date lean across the table, double hand clutch/stare into one another's eyes position. Its amazing like they are in their own little nerd world. Make sure to keep your eyes open as it will be appearing at a restaurant near you. Next there is the across the isle hand holding, coming to a classroom near you! Nerds I hate to break it to you but no one wants your lady friend. Then there is the old church rub down, no one wants to see you give your lady a sensual rub down while brother whoever talks about charity from the pulpit, leave it a home! So Nerds listen up, here is my advice, keep it behind locked doors, no one wants to see it. I have issues with public displays of affection but add some nerd to it and I loose it. So the moral of the story is: Nerd love good, nerd love in public and constantly touching each other MUY MALO!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the wind in my helmet

So, I saddled up the old steed this evening, threw on some spandex and hit the mean streets for a little ride. As a result I have given myself a new nickname, its "the 16 mile per hour machine" I know its not very impressive for a competitive cyclist like Lance, but none the less not bad for a husky 26 year old, a couple of years out from back surgery. So what I wont be riding in the peloton anytime soon, but consider yourself warned that if you see something whiz by you at a blazing 16mph Its probably going to be me.

Next topic anyone who does not wear a helmet while biking is crazy, nothing says I love the feel of the wind blowing in my hair like your brains scattered across the pavement. Enjoy the visual.

Oh yeah and to the two cool dudes in the really sweet lowered Honda Civic that felt the need to honk several times and yell at me in Springville: I hope you enjoyed your mandate (and I mean non heterosexual mandate) watching the new fast and the furious followed by tribal tattoos or facial piercings, d-bags!

What else is new? The wife is due in 4 weeks, therefore the back room looks like a Babies R Us, which has become the new Target. Let me explain, I wasn't warned that when I got married I would be spending about 5 hours a week at Target or that once my wife became pregnant Target would quickly be replace by Babies R Us, nothing like spending money to buy things that smell like baby powder, which is one of my least favorite smells, i guess I have to lather the babe in Brut or something else.

Moving on, I would like to take this time to formally announce that I, the 16 Mile Per Hour Machine, am the owner of Center Street in Provo, from University Ave to 5th east, this is my street(i feel like the crazy old man in the neighborhood) and if you honk and me while I am pulling in to my driveway you will get the bird and I am not talking about the turkey vultures that have taken up shop on the block, also if you get pulled over for speeding, take it as an invitation to never drive on my street again. Consider yourself warned.
Warm Regards,

The 16 Mile Per Hour Machine