Saturday, July 10, 2010

hello my name is dr green thumb

So this summer I decieded to plant a garden and thanks to the late snow I acutally ended up planting two gardens. The first was from seeds I started in this little greenhouse with moss pellets that looked like sushi rolls. I tended to those littel suckers but they all were killed by the snow. So the second go around we cheated and went to the local nursehy and picked up some nice juvinile plants, planted those suckers and only one is partially dead at this point so we are batting about 94% the second go around. Me and the nino are all about our garden, we check on it multiple times aday, its like we are worried some phantom gopher or the DEA is going to raid our stash. But when it all gets ripe I guess we can be the weird people at chruch trying to give tomatoes away. Check out our green thumbs at work! Oh yeah, check out Finn he gardens shirtless, yeah he's hardcore like that!