Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Boys Are Back In TOWN!

What do you call 13 Californians and 1 Hawaiian vs the country of Hungary? The Mens Olympic Water Polo gold medal match. A hat off to the boys in blue who were ranked number 9 in the world coming in to the Olympics who beat the number 1 Serbia to get to the Gold medal match. A shout out to the man with the perfect male body as displayed at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Terry Schroder the coach of team USA for turning things around and bringing home a medal. The Mens Water Polo team that has been absent from the podium for 20 years since Since Terry was on the team back in 84 and 88. Good Job guys for bringing home the silver! Go California.USA team capitan Tony Azevedo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Those Silly Spaniards!!!!!

In honor of the Olympics the Spanish National Team decided to take this team picture. A shout out to the Chinese , Beijing 2008!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


What is it about a Frisbee? Do these magical pieces of plastic hold super powers? After books like, Its Not About The Bike by Lance Armstrong I had given up on the magical power of inanimate objects and their ability to transform everyday man in to a top level athlete, but then I witnessed Ultimate Frisbee or "ultimate" as the nerds call it. What is it about a 25 cent piece of plastic that can turn the most hardcore of nerds into a top level athlete (in no way am i implying that ultimate Frisbee is a sport, that's a different can of worms) or give a pot-smoking, patchouli stinking hippie meaning in life. I am at a loss for words, when did the Frisbee make the jump from the favorite beach toy of speedo clad tourists to an object of worship for the every day nerd. Did you know that in the Silicone Valley each computer programing company has their own Ultimate Frisbee team and they have a league they compete in, wow whats next a calculator tetris league or who can get winded the fastest going up the stairs league. So guys leave the Frisbees to the guy with the dog that performs at NBA half time shows.

Oh Jeans!

So am I the only person that has watched the gayfication of jeans? No longer are they called jeans but denim? Really, people they are Jeans, you cant polish a turd.
What has happened, has there been a contest on how much a company can place on the rear pocket of a pair of jeans. If the Sistine Chapel Mural is on your jean pockets it time to take a good long hard look and yourself in the mirror and ask someone to punch you in the face. I am confused these days some of the mens jeans look like they walked right out of Liberace's closet. I heard California is actually going to start not issuing drivers license cards anymore but stitching your pictures and identification information on your jean, I mean Denim pockets.

Monday, August 11, 2008



Monday, August 4, 2008

You Can Find Anything on the Internet...Thanks Al Gore

So today I took a trip down memory lane when I found the super sweet Blu Blocker rap. I can remember seeing this on infomercials as a kid growing up and constantly lusting for a pair of Blu Blockers each time we drove by a truck selling them for 5 bucks along side the street near Forest Lawn and Barham. Oh I wanted a pair so bad, I thought they were magical! Well here it is Dr Geek and his Blu Blocker rap.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tittle 9?

Come on ESPN did you really need to introduce women's motocross this year to the X-games. Apparently seeing lesbians compete every 4 years at the Olympics wasn't enough.