Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extreme B.O. Control

I just bought some new deodorant, and that's not rare I go through that stuff like crazy. I have a strong dislike that borders into the ocd realm for Body Odor! So I picked up the usual 5 pack at Costco, but the usual it was not. This new deodorant had printed on the label, activated by adrenaline. This concerns me, I don't know if I am hardcore enough for this deodorant. In my younger/thinner/good back days no problem, but you see I have settled down in my old age. What am I going to do? Is this deodorant not going to work for me? Do i need to do something extreme like jump off the stairs from my front porch or drive fast every morning to get it working? What happened to the deodorant for normal dudes, not everyone is a card carrying member of the nitro circus. I hope I can live up to my deodorants expectations if not I guess ill have to start using the female variety.......which has been know to happen occasionally, sorry Val!